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Title: Denouement

Working Title:


Date signed: 12-31-2002

Dimensions: 16.00 height by 24.00 width (inches)

Media: acrylic sheet, acrylic paint, g. beads, nylon bolts, rivets, string, and screen

Status: archived


    This Lucentia piece is modelled after a photo in the paper of a pipeline being installed nearby. The camera was aimed down the pipe and produced a wonderful abstraction. By the time I was done with my version of the picture it looked nothing like the original, but is wonderful in its own right.

    The sheet of plexiglas cracked while I was working on it. To keep the crack from spreading, I worked in rivets wound with cord. There's also plastic screen and more rivets of different sizes and some great texture. The back panel of masonite is painted.