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Title: An Interference Pattern: Moon and Water

Working Title:


Date signed: 09-30-2002

Dimensions: 16.00 height by 24.00 width (inches)

Media: acrylic sheet, acrylic paint, g. beads, nylon bolts

Status: archived


    Ever since I picked up artwork again -- when I was about 33 -- I've been working on depictions of Moon and water. (As an aside: I have a personal mantra: "Weave a web to catch water, go ride the dolphin Moon home.") At first I was trying to abstract the pattern of rippled water, later to show the molecular pattern of water visually with the Moon as a focal point. Now the Moon-water combination is more a touchpoint.

    So here's another iteration of the touchpoint. This piece has a lot of carving in the acrylic layer. It was too labor intensive, I won't be doing that again soon.

    The Moon on the masonite layer has a lot of glass beads in it and seems to hold the light.