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Title: Beyond Biology

Working Title:


Date signed: 11-30-2004

Dimensions: 24.00 height by 30.00 width (inches)

Media: sand, acrylics, impasto, g.beads

Status: archived


    This painting is about the vistas that open when a woman's biological dues have been paid and she advances to the post-menopausal stage of her life. No longer bound by monthly periods, pms, and the biological urges that tug at her attention, she can get on with exploring less physical, perhaps more spiritual realms. There's a lot of symbolism in this picture -- the opening in the wall, the whitewashed wall itself, the figure in the earth and the rose. Don't ask me what it all means, I just painted it. I do know the rose represents consciousness.

    There's quite a bit of sand in this picture. The spiral rose was done with Golden's tar gel.