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Title: Abiding flowers, fallen idol

Working Title: Ancient Easter

Series: Georgia on my mind

Date signed: 10-06-2006

Dimensions: 36 height by 30 width (inches)

Media: acrylic paints and textures, sand, cut rice paper collage

Status: archived


    The title pretty much says what this painting is about. Plumeria flowers have been blooming for thousands of years; The idols bit the dust long ago. It's interesting, and somewhat sad, to me that once these idols were the center of a culture's religious expression and thought to be gods, therefore immortal. And now they lie forgotton, the stone decomposing.

    There's quite a bit of sand in this picture, and "micaceous iron oxide" (it's black and kind of oily-looking), and cut-paper collage on the flower petals.