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Title: Yellow Lily

Working Title:

Series: Georgia on my Mind

Date signed: 05-14-2006

Dimensions: 30.00 height by 36.00 width (inches)

Media: acrylics, impasto, g.beads, twine & paper clay collage

Status: archived


    What prompted this painting was a real girl named Lily who had a liver disease that made her more yellow as it progressed. She had loving, attentive parents caring for her and I'm sure that helped a lot. But personal pain is lonely business, and one can only do one's best to handle it. It's in these painful times that we reach within and find the reserves that lead us to the spiritual and to true reassurance. And that's what this painting is about.

    The collage elements in this picture are made of paper clay in a form reminiscent of blood platelets.