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Title: Light Occulted

Working Title:


Date signed: 02-28-2004

Dimensions: 30.00 height by 24.00 width (inches)

Media: cotton, paper, automirrors, acrylic paint

Status: archived


    This is a completely experimental piece, produced to enter in a show that centered on fiber.

    To a white-washed framed I afixed cheesecloth and painted it with gel medium to strengthen and stiffen it. Then I applied auto mirrors and masked their edges with Japanese rice paper. Then I did a decoupage. Over all, I applied silk organza, which went shapeless when a finishing coat was applied. So I replaced the silk organza with cotton lawn, and shrank it in place, then coated it with finisher (a diluted gel medium).

    I like the result -- a lot. But it's pretty obscure.